Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Caught On Video Rotating Thumbnail VIDEO CODE: (click here)

Check out our recent uploads video thumbnail viewer that you can use on your MySpace or blog posting site. It circulates the last 25 thumbs of the most recent videos uploaded on Caught On Video.

Here’s another Caught On Video gadget for your website. It’s a rotating video thumbnail that changes videos selection every 10 seconds. It can be resized to any size you like and will rotate a new video in every thumbnail.

Change the width/height values to any size that fits your purpose.


<embed src="" flashvars="urlRSS=" quality="high" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="428" height="320" scale="exactfit"></embed>

Cool thing is! You can RESIZE IT to any size that best fits your needs. Just change the width/height values to any size that fits your purpose.


Optional Flashvars to customize the widget:
(add them right after the ".asp" in the code before the quotes)
i.e. ---> .asp&videoquote=false&videoshade=false&videolines=false"

&videolines=false //Inerlacing Filter on/off
&videoshade=false //Video Shade effect on/off
&videoquote=false //Determines whether Quoted text shows or not
&videolink=false //Link entire image rather than just the text
&videofont=Arial //Change the font of the quoted Text
&videofontsize=10 //Change the Size in pixels of the quoted Text
&videoloop=false // False shows just one thumb instead of many

120 x 90:
Use this size to place Caught on Video in a links bar or thumbnail viewer list.

160 x 120:
This setting is great to go along side Standard Skyscraper banners.

250 x 150:
This setting is just right to place in your myspace or blog account with the TEXT already on the Thumb by removing "&videoquote=false".