Tuesday, October 24, 2006


WELCOME TO THE NEW CAUGHT-ON-VIDEO.COM BLOG or COVBLOG as I like to call it. This is the first of many new posts and I'll begin it with a short story.

It all started with THE STRIKE!

It was July 2, 1992 and I was recording during a severe thunderstorm thinking I was gonna get footage of a tree falling in the front of the house.

After about 20 minutes I was then hoping for a lightning strike somewhere close. Then I about gave up, had a bite to eat and continued recording in the back yard to amuse myself further.

Then suddenly I heard a zipping sound in my ears and said, "Thats not normal, that that..." and BOOM it struck as I was geting down on one knee.

You can imagine my sudden shock and subsequent reaction after capturing this incredible event on tape, so I will not elaborate on how I then freaked out.

It was a good "freak out". One of intense and incredible amazement, one of complete an utter awe. I couldn't believe it!

Well since then I have given non-exclusive rights to numerous shows and documentaries and had kept it for all to view and appreciate as I have always thought that incredible acts of nature should be shared for the benefit of all.

Knowing that there was a lot of material out there that warranted the same consideration and since I also knew that "Big Brother" surveillance was a sure thing for the future, in late 1999 www.Caught-On-Video.com was born.