Sunday, January 07, 2007

Serious Gamer Videos on Caught on Video

Are you a serios gamer. Love the rush of crushing the enemy, well then you';; love this website. has all the videos.

Clan FSR Rap music video by GIZMO

HMV Hell by imsuck, A music video montage

and more HERE and HERE


Dancing Videos on Caught on Video

Do you like to dance, or maybe watch others dance, well here's a great partner website for all that at

Dance Video Competition in a school gym.

Here's a solo with a Latin twist to it.


Asian dance collective.. interesting lighting effects & music

Awesome Racing on Caught on Video

Check out the racing videos we have at Caught on Video.

Some of the best are from StreetFire owners Chris, Adam and Jeremy.

Take a look at a Nopi Event. Fast cars, crazy fans, and lots & lots of hot girls! Check out for more racing and automotive action!

Summer is gone and we're full into the tail end of Fall, here in Atlanta. Thinking back to the warmer days of summer, I'm sitting on 18 hours of NOPI 2006 footage, so why not do another "Drive By" podcast music video? So, the subject, our booth

Click to see Video

See More StreetFire Videos from:

Chris Jones
Adam "Shinkaze" Bruce
Jeremy Farber

Enjoy the racing fun!!!

Other racing video partners.

Anime Videos at Caught on Video

You like ANIME videos, well we have some for you. This special list of animation cartoons are the sexy kind from our vidiac partner system of shared videos.

Enjoy them here on Caught on Video!


and some links you'll like:

Anime Angels
Naruto Anime Videos and More HERE
Anime Luver Videos
Final Fantasy Videos

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The COV Flash Player


Just copy the “EMBED” code from the right of any video and place it on your website, blog or any space you like. The player has awesome features that NO OTHER PLAYER HAS!

Example code for this video:

<embed src="" FlashVars="video=251A262C-2D7A-421E-A321-97B73094E235" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" width="428" height="352" name="ePlayer" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"pluginspage="" /></embed>

Player Features:

Gives video description and opens new features.

SHARE: Gives html video code to anyone wanting to share on their websites, blogs or any space. They can easily email it from your website.

COMMENT: Easily access comments made about the video or add a comment of your own directly to the video.

MORE VIDEOS: This player allows you to scroll for more recent videos from the website which will keep you up to date on the most recent additions to the site.

Right click the player screen for more options:
Play / Pause—SPACE BAR
Forward 5 seconds—CTRL RIGHT
Back 5 seconds—CTRL LEFT
Max Volume—UP ARROW

The Caught On Video Player can be placed anywhere!

Click here to get the code:

120 x 90:
Use this size to place Caught on Video in a links bar or thumbnail viewer list.

160 x 120:
This setting is great to go along side Standard Skyscraper banners.

250 x 150:
This setting is just right to place in your myspace or blog account.

352 x 428:
Here's the standard size that would also be great for a blog page.

Whatever size you use, the Player is always ready to play your videos.

EMBED videos from other websites and take the Caught on Video player to your page.

The Caught On Video Rotating Thumbnail VIDEO CODE: (click here)

Check out our recent uploads video thumbnail viewer that you can use on your MySpace or blog posting site. It circulates the last 25 thumbs of the most recent videos uploaded on Caught On Video.

Here’s another Caught On Video gadget for your website. It’s a rotating video thumbnail that changes videos selection every 10 seconds. It can be resized to any size you like and will rotate a new video in every thumbnail.

Change the width/height values to any size that fits your purpose.


<embed src="" flashvars="urlRSS=" quality="high" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="428" height="320" scale="exactfit"></embed>

Cool thing is! You can RESIZE IT to any size that best fits your needs. Just change the width/height values to any size that fits your purpose.


Optional Flashvars to customize the widget:
(add them right after the ".asp" in the code before the quotes)
i.e. ---> .asp&videoquote=false&videoshade=false&videolines=false"

&videolines=false //Inerlacing Filter on/off
&videoshade=false //Video Shade effect on/off
&videoquote=false //Determines whether Quoted text shows or not
&videolink=false //Link entire image rather than just the text
&videofont=Arial //Change the font of the quoted Text
&videofontsize=10 //Change the Size in pixels of the quoted Text
&videoloop=false // False shows just one thumb instead of many

120 x 90:
Use this size to place Caught on Video in a links bar or thumbnail viewer list.

160 x 120:
This setting is great to go along side Standard Skyscraper banners.

250 x 150:
This setting is just right to place in your myspace or blog account with the TEXT already on the Thumb by removing "&videoquote=false".

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


WELCOME TO THE NEW CAUGHT-ON-VIDEO.COM BLOG or COVBLOG as I like to call it. This is the first of many new posts and I'll begin it with a short story.

It all started with THE STRIKE!

It was July 2, 1992 and I was recording during a severe thunderstorm thinking I was gonna get footage of a tree falling in the front of the house.

After about 20 minutes I was then hoping for a lightning strike somewhere close. Then I about gave up, had a bite to eat and continued recording in the back yard to amuse myself further.

Then suddenly I heard a zipping sound in my ears and said, "Thats not normal, that that..." and BOOM it struck as I was geting down on one knee.

You can imagine my sudden shock and subsequent reaction after capturing this incredible event on tape, so I will not elaborate on how I then freaked out.

It was a good "freak out". One of intense and incredible amazement, one of complete an utter awe. I couldn't believe it!

Well since then I have given non-exclusive rights to numerous shows and documentaries and had kept it for all to view and appreciate as I have always thought that incredible acts of nature should be shared for the benefit of all.

Knowing that there was a lot of material out there that warranted the same consideration and since I also knew that "Big Brother" surveillance was a sure thing for the future, in late 1999 was born.